Self Actualization

“The Sleeper Must Awaken”

A enlighten statement mentioned long ago, made famous by the Father of the Universe Super Being, in the original 1980s movie DUNE.

But it begs the questions:

Who is awake & who is not!?

Better yet, who is alive & who is living!?

According to Abraham Harold Maslow, who conceptualized the “hierarchy of human needs“, and is considered the founder of humanistic psychology,  self actualization, (those who are Awake, (Consciously Aware),  fit in the pyramid below.

Maslow Pyramid of Self Actualization

All this sound basic and accurate except that this model is missing one more tier to answer the original questions, (Who is Awake & Alive?).

Self Actualization is akin to a person being half in and out of a sleep state, (that kind of twilight state of awakeness).  THIS IS A VERY GOOD START.  But the journey has barely begun.

The higher tier missing from the pyramid contains the following awareness:

  • A realization that there is no morality in the truest sense
  • Instant creativity, or unconscious flashes of genius, – No thought process involved
  • Global awareness of what is despite the facts
  • More purer mental focus
  • The awareness that miracles are nothing more random acts of your unconscious focus
  • A sense non-consecutiveness, or a lack of, worldly concerns, (example, Religion, Politics & Science looses its appeal)
  • A more relaxed approach to situations, good or dad
  • An inability to notice the difference between good & bad