Manifesting, Time Travel & Hypnosis…What Is The Difference???

What is the difference between the art and science of Manifesting, (“The Secret”), Time Travel and Hypnosis??  Nothing, for they are the same thing!

How is this possible!?  Well, keep in mind that the mind functions on a quantum level.  In other words, unlike the waking consciousness, it functions out side of time.  In using the 20 universal laws of manifesting, you can literally affect your future by projecting there.  You can also change your present by going back to the past.  All this can be done through the langrage of Hypnosis.

OK, now that I have your attention, I will attempt to sum up these very profound subject matters.  Let us start with explaining ways to time travel.

There are two ways to time travel, one being Physical Time Travel and the other is Mental Time Travel.  I will be talking here about the mental type.  If you need information on Physical Time Traveling, send me an email request.

Through the declassified CIA experiments of the 1960s, the public is now aware that the human being has the ability to travel space and time through the process called remote viewing, (know also as astro-projecting).  If any one  has read the story of  Edgar Cayce, (also known as the sleeping prophet), is clear that all of us have the ability to send our consciousness forward and backward in time and space to experience just about any epic we choose.  This is not science fiction, but science fact!!   But what is required to apply any of these techniques practically?  What is needed is the language of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a langrage since it is a set of commands or suggestions that is offered to your self, like with Edgar Cayce did; or to others with another person as a guide, like remote viewing.  But how can mental time travel be associated with manifesting a desired out come?   Again, one way is through one tool of Hypnosis.

One basic premise purported by the science of Hypnosis is that the unconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination.  That being said, you can see how manifesting works.  To focus your imagination, either through hypnosis or concentration, is the very essence of how, “The Secret”, works.

Through Hypnosis one can use the 20 Universal Laws of manifesting and apply them in the future to obtain that witch is desired.  Such therapy has been used to bring a person, in their mind, back to before a time of great personal pain and/or upset.  Once there, the individual was unable to be emotionally connected to this past event.  So, when guided back to the present time, the individual has permanently lost all their negative reactions to this past pain, fear or upset.  On some quantum level, this process seems to work to change the present by changing our experience in the past and/or future.

So by applying N.L.P., (Neurolinguistic Programming), in Time Traveling, with the Laws of Manifesting, any one can revolutionize their life potentials and live a life that is powerful, passionate and purposeful!

If you wish to learn more about the 20 Universal Laws of Manifesting, mental Time Travel, Hypnosis and how to apply them to your daily life, register at for Free updates and future Seminars/Tele-classes on these subject matters.  You can also follow this link, Universal Laws Of Manifesting.

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