Lectures & Seminars


We are available to lecture to small groups or large audiences locally in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts.


When more long distant meetings are needed, we can setup Conference Calls during times when most can attend the calls.


Locally, we are prepared to do small Private Home Lectures.  There are no up front cost/fees.  Appreciation donations are accepted instead.    We allow the audience to judge the value of the topics discussed.

If someone donates a space for us to lecture in, 15% to 20% of donations goes back to the house.


  • Home groups are no smaller than 5 individuals and no larger than 12.
  • The gathering location can be held at any private dwelling, provided by members of the audience
  • Or, meeting locations can be held at the office location of The One Matrix staff.


To discuss inviting the owners of The One Matrix to speak to a group, please contact us by email at master1matrix@gmail.com with the particulars of location, size of audience, subject specifics on and/or related to our website topics and budget available. Speaking fees will vary depending on circumstances.

Topics/Subject for discussions include but are not limited to the pages, “THE BIG WOW and A MUST KNOW”.
Please review these tabs to pick an interest that your group will want to learn more about.


Brief List of Subject Matters that we are Expert Speakers in:

  • Nutrition and Natural ways to maintain your health
  • Applying the Information and Technologies, mentioned on this site to your daily life style
  • Quantum Mechanics and how to apply it to improve your life style, ( “The Secret”,   Manifesting or The Law of Attraction)
  • Nutrition and Natural ways to maintain your health
  • Self Actualization Techniques
  • Non-Main Stream Super Science and Disciplines
  • Non-Main Stream Historic Anomalies
  • What is the REAL MATRIX, (Reality-as you know it, IS AN ILLUSION)
  • Most subjects on the Paranormal, (UFOs, Spirits/Ghost, Demonology, Haunted Places, Big Foot and Monsters, etc.)
  • How to get the electric company to pay your electric bill
  • Time Travel
  • Real Invisibility
  • Real Hypnosis, and how to use it immediately
  • How to build your own Electric Car
  • The Science of Energy Cleansing of a House

Just to name a few…

All Topics are not subject to conjectures, beliefs and opinions from the staff of The One Matrix.  All lecture materials will be qualified and presented with factual validations, in order to allow the audience to come to their own speculations and conclusions.