If You Can Not Have Peace On Earth,..How About Peace In Your Life!

The other day I had an argument with an individual on a purely theoretical, and unprovable subject matter. The base of his argument was the end of the world. All his information was based on old literature and the Internet. Later, almost to prove his point, I observed the CNN news channel using their sound bites relentlessly going on with one negative news story after another.

Then it dawned on me that historically every culture in every nation, (past or present), has an under lying fear of the worst case scenario. And all these negative feelings are expressed out ward and used to support this fear base attitude as facts or self evident, (through our medias, literature,..etc.). I

I am not here to tell you the how and why this has happen. WHO CARES. What I can offer is another paradigm that you can adapt that will help you live the Dream Life you were meant to Live. You can Live a life with out fears, (except the basic fears made to protect you), or restrictions that you now believe you have.

But, I say, let this new paradigm be simple stupid. Let us keep it to two basic areas that our magnificent brains were designed to work by. No complex theories, formulas or rut or rituals,..but let us keep our minds wrapped around two simple concepts. I will let Mr Bertrand Arthur William Russell explain them to you.

May he inspire you as he has done with me.
[flashvideo file=http://s3.amazonaws.com/The.ONE.Matrix/videos/Bertrand.Arthur.William.Russell.flv /]

Bertrand Arthur William Russell was born at Trelleck on 18th May, 1872. His parents were Viscount Amberley and Katherine, daughter of 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley. At the age of three he was left an orphan. His father had wished him to be brought up as an agnostic; to avoid this he was made a ward of Court, and brought up by his grandmother. Instead of being sent to school he was taught by governesses and tutors, and thus acquired a perfect knowledge of French and German. In 1890 he went into residence at Trinity College, Cambridge, and after being a very high Wrangler and obtaining a First Class with distinction in philosophy he was elected a fellow of his college in 1895. But he had already left Cambridge in the summer of 1894 and for some months was attaché at the British embassy at Paris.

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