The Edvidence For Time Travel

We will keep this post brief in order for the readers to investigate for them selves the possibility, and/or proof, of Physical Time Traveling.  We will add more content later about this subject.  For the moment, let us pretend that we found at least two stories that give physical evidence and live witness to this undiscovered science we call Time Travel.

Story #1  Witness and Physical Evidence:

Please refer all inquiries to the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident.




Story #2  A Real Flesh and Blood Time Traveler and His Pictures:

Please refer all inquiries to the case of Billy Eduard Albert Meier.


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The Difference Between Good Business & The Truth!

What is Truth/Proof!?

A noted physicist stated once:

…new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents & making them see the light; but rather, because its opponents eventually die & a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

– Max Planck

Remember – Our society functions not on those things that work well, but on those things that bring in money.

A self made millionaire once gave us the secret to making his wealth.  Take note!
What ever the product is, it must have the following:

  1. It must be cheap to produce,
  2. It must be priced at the highest price possible in the product industry,
  3. It does not matter if the product is healthy or not for people,
  4. It must be something that most, or all people, want,
  5. It must run out relatively quickly, so people come back for more,

His company was permanently closed by the Government, not because his products hurt any one, but that the financial structure of the company was not viable.  Shame on him!

Profits always comes first in our society before health concerns!  If you do not believe this statement, just check your TV commercial on medications.  The FDA allows the commercials to air as long as they state the negative side affects of medicine.  Oh..Buy the way, ALL MAN MADE MEDICINES HAVE NEGATIVE SIDE AFFECTS.  People by the thousands die every year in this country due to FDA allowed medications, because it is Good Business.  On the other hand, if you invent a medicine with no negative side affects, and sell it at low cost, the FDA/or other government agency will close you down.  And if they can not close you down, they, (with the help of your competitors), will run smear campaigns to discredit you and your business.  Don’t get mad now, IT IS JUST GOOD BUSINESS.

Always Question What Is Being Told To You…Learn The Truth Before You Listen To The Hipe.  Good Luck!

Follow this link and scroll down for more information.


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Who Was Superman’s First Super Villian!?..You Won’t Believe It.

No…It was not Lex Luthor, but a real life model that inspired writers to create Superman’s greatest threat!
In fact, you would not be reading this now if it was not for this Great individual of contemporary times.

View Superman Vs Nikola Tesla
[flashvideo file= /]

If you want the REAL story behind this real life super genius, (who created the world that you live in today), click here.

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